Top 10 Chattanooga Coffee Shops

Some of Chattanooga's most notable coffee shops are fueling the growth of our city.

In the Rise of Innovation Districts, Bruce Katz of Brookings wrote that innovation is “fueled by caffeine.” Chattanooga is the first mid-size city to designate an innovation district and we have some notable independent coffee shops to support it.

1. Chattz

Serving Chattanooga fresh, locally-roasted coffee for over 13 years.

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2. Brash Coffee

For pursuers of simple, delicious coffee.

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3. The Camp House

A coffee bar, restaurant, and venue all-in-one.

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4. Cadence Coffee Co.

Thriving off of good coffee and good people.

5. Mean Mug

Locally owned shop serving Velo coffee, breakfast, lunch, and homemade pastries.

6. Rembrandt’s

Local coffee house with award-winning pastries, hand-made chocolates, and house-roasted coffees.

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7. Revelator Coffee Co.

Coffee shop that’s bright and open, with stay-awhile appeal.

8. Milk & Honey

Pure gelato, craft coffee, and fresh fruit popsicles made from scratch daily.

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9. Velo Coffee Roasters

Local coffee house on Main Street.

10. Stone Cup

Fresh roasted specialty coffee from around the world.

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