Welcome to Nooga First! We are your one stop for all things local in the Chattanooga area. Whether you are looking for hardware, services for your business, or just a good meal for dinner, you can find all of your local options right here in our directory!

Locally owned businesses are the driving force of our economy but often overlooked because we just don’t know what most of our local businesses offer. Our goal is to encourage Chattanoogans to keep shopping local!

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Join in the Local Movement!

It’s easy to live local. The foods you consume, the products and services you purchase and even the financial institutions you use all have locally-owned, independent alternatives. You can make a difference and help sustain our local living economy by choosing to patronize a locally-owned business whenever you can. You’ll be supporting and helping celebrate the people, businesses and institutions that make Chattanooga unique. And your money will stay right here, in our vibrant and diverse community. Over time, money spent with a local business generates 75% more state and local tax revenues and is far more likely to be re-spent locally.

But living locally isn’t just about where you spend your money. It is also about how you live your life. Join in the local movement by getting involved in the local movement. You’ll have fun, get to know others in your community, and help make Chattanooga a better place to live!